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2014 - The base of the pump was in realy bad shape. The contractor washed, put armatures, made a box with melamin plies, poured the KIRC9000 and After 3 h, it was hard and dry. Resist 62mpa after only 3h!


2016 - After 2 years of use. Frost and defrost, vibrations; the base soaks in a bituminous substance and is not affected at all.


2017 - After 3 winters, frost and defrost, vibrations; the durability of the KIRC9000 is well established. The pump was changed and the result is super solid.

« I am very satisfied of the repair that still is at a 100%. and for a few years already. Really good product! »
Jean foreman maintenance


Repair done by the employees in a garage. 12 months later, the KIRC9000 is always impeccable and solid!



8 anchors of 1½" to 2¼". The machine that was calibrated with the engineer ($$$) is an investment for the company. The anchor assure the stability of the equipment (about 5,000lbs), if a cart or any equipment hit the machine.


Break on the floor of a food plant. KIRC9000 was spread on a large surface. Repair was made by the client himself and gives a very nice plane surface.

Deck stopper before repair.   Front of deck. Broken concrete corner   Install of a mold to hold KIRC9000.

Top view before repair.   Just after KIRC9000 cast.   15 minutes after KIRC9000 cast.

After 30 minutes, mold taken off. Front view   After 30 minutes, mold taken off. Front view   Drill for anchors after
30 minutes!

New stopper installed.   New anchor installed   Super job, fast and resistant, thanks to KIRC9000!

Fast repair of a concrete corner on a deck made by the client himself. He uses KIRC9000 for his repairs since 2010.


Hole in the cement of a parking spot. On a long period, truck stands broke the ground. Repair was easy and durable. More resistant than original cement.


Hole on an airport way. After cleaning, client made the repair himself.


Repair of a door step. Fast and efficient! KIRC9000 can be auto-leveling as well as it can be troweled to repair wall's bottom in your plant.


Repair of a crack that can let small insects in like ants. A little of KIRC9000 fix the problem in 15 minutes.


Repair around drains or in the dock zone.


Cement repair done by the employees. Heavy weights of 40,000lbs and more. First, the client repaired by taking out all that was broken before putting the KIRC9000. Photo was taken after 9 months of use.


Standard crack. Here, our client took the quantity he needed of KIRC9000 for his reparation, he mixed it with a little bit of water for 10 seconds and spreads over the crack. After 15 minutes we can circulate on foot. After 1h, charges of 10,000lbs and 40,000lbs after 3h. Répair done by the client himself.


fairly deep cracks (4 inches) cast in one step. 15 minutes to walk , 1 hour to pass a forklift 10 000lbs, 3h to support 40,000lbs. With KIRC9000, after 3 hours, you can paint, drill, etc.


Removing the gate and filling. It was a very deep hole in a busy traffic spot. Contractor first fill with gravel and compacted, then he poured some rock dust and compacted once more. Filling with KIRC9000.


Anchors can be done inside or outside. Container tried to get inside the building and he bent the H-beam. The Anchors installed with KIRC9000 held!


Food plant freezer, spoiled surface that was cut at 1/4 inches.Wait only 15 minutes to walk on it and 1h for karts, when repaired with KIRC9000.

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